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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the company all about? 

This company is for those who are looking for online application services, and you can easily access the same from our official website. These applications are free of cost for individuals. Few applications have a nominal subscription fee, which is charged from organizations. Our motto is to help our customers with a complete set of applications and also to include features which make the entire user experience seamless.

What is the main benefit of using our services? 

Our company helps you to create online applications for individuals and business units to efficiently manage all the work and also to do the same in a cost effective manner. The main advantage of using our service is that it is extremely productive and also saves money. We always look for innovative ways to get things done. We make the work rewarding and enjoyable too.

How to get started? 

You need to click on the service which you are interested in simply. Then next step is to provide few basic information to set up an account. You will be required to provide your email address, password and also a verification code. This will make your account unique. Read thoroughly and agree to the mentioned Terms of Service and Privacy policy in order to get an email to verify your account.That’s it, and you can get started immediately. The best part is that our services provide single sign-on (SSO) on all our application. Once you have subscribed to a single service, you can also have access to all other services. This can be accessed by making use of the same email id and password.

Will my data be secured? 

This is the very important question asked by many. We have invested huge amount and time to make sure all your information is highly protected and remains private. Various levels of security are offered to provide data security. Physical, Hardware, software and process level of security is ensured so that the data is secured in the laptop or even on your desktop.

Will my personal or company information be secured after signing up? 

Absolutely yes. It is our company’s privacy policy to ensure that the contents of your account will be kept private and confidential. In addition to it, the content of your information will not be targeted to advertisements or third party. If you are making a credit card payment, that information also will not be stored by us. The user has complete access, and they can make the change in their personal information or even can delete it from the system.

Is Microsoft Office required? 

It totally depends on your choice. The main motto is to inspire everyone to work online. There are times when you simply cannot work without the office tools. We provide access to all the office tools, and you can work on our application services and also can work in an online collaboration with other tools.You can make use of office tools even if you are working offline.There is an addition plugin which will help you to create, edit and save all your files and spreadsheets directly from Microsoft Word or Excel.